I'm Late to the JAMStack Party

It turns out my new found fascination with decentralized websites isn’t specific to them being decentralized. The movement of static sites has a place on the current web too – JAMStack. For the past year people have been researching ways to take away the traditional centralized back end, and it’s pretty neat.

A good starting point is to read about the sweetness of JAMStack and then get excited about the possibilities. Once you’re excited, then get sad about the limitations. Fortunately, people are thinking outside of the box about certain problems:

A Comment System: This shows how something dynamic like contents may work on a blog with no database. The solution is a bit messy right now, but you can see the potential. It’s also refreshing to try and look at these problems from a completely new angle.

Website Search: This solution is much more elegant, and there is nothing stopping me from adding it right now. Hmm, maybe I should get to work?

WebDB: The Beaker folks have written WebDB as a way to manage data in the decentralized world. I have no opinion on this yet, but it looks promising enough to build a test app with.

I’m not sure if I like new things because I like change, or if it is because they’re actually game changing. Either way, it’s fun to follow.