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A Second Design Proposal

A few days ago I submitted a first stab at a redesign for a local charity. As expected, this was way too much of a change. I learned quickly that a basic round of discussion is needed before jumping into a project. I’m still happy I practiced on the last design, but it turns out they’re looking for more of a clean, expected look. So, I ran with a look you might find in most charity templates.

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A Design Proposal

I’ve been working with a local charity to revamp their website. This has been a good project for me for a few reasons. First, as a coder, this gives me a chance to workout some design muscles. Second, as someone who normally answers only to myself, this gives me a chance to pitch to a group and understand their needs and wishes.

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A Lot Changes in Five Years

I recently offered to create a website for a local charity, and then it hit me – I haven’t made a website in five years. Sure, I made this site and got on the decentralized bandwagon, but I haven’t done something from scratch in some time. Especially on the design and responsive front. Now that I’m finished, I thought it may be useful to share my notes.

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