😉 Hey There.

You've stumbled across my site. I'm Ryan. I'm a husband, father, programmer, runner, gamer and a lot of other er's. I use this site to organize my projects and write down some thoughts. Feel free to follow along, or reach out to me if needed.

💻 I'm Working On.

I'm probably working on a lot more than I've completed. Head over to my projects for a complete history. My last successful project was Wufoo. These days, I've been working on a mobile game, photo wall, web technology and charity work.

Of course, before all of that, I'm trying to be the best dad I can be.

💭 And Thinking About.

Browse through my posts or subscribe to my feed for direct access to my brain. Or, for immediate satisfaction, here is the latest:

What else will you find here? I've written about Charity, Game Development, Decentralized Web, Life, and other topics. Writing has been a good way for me to learn about a topic, so I continue to do it for that purpose.